Mad Rocket Games, Dare to be be Digital leaflet

Hello again, the work continues on and with a little added stress of getting things done. Each team has to produce a page for themselves. 
Last years competition details was different, as it was not done by the teams and by the competition holders themselves. I like the idea of giving the teams to produce the artwork.
I think this is double edged sword,  it is a good idea giving more control to produce the artwork and make it as good as possible. However the flip side is that it takes up development time from the game and if it is not controlled and managed it can really hinder the rest of the development. Time is a precious commodity you know and it must be used wisely and efficiently. 
Below  is the almost finished leaflet in three slightly different layout. I am not fully happy with it, as something is bugging me with it, I would restart the leaflet. But I do not have the time. I shall however tomorrow evening give myself another hour maximum to finish off the leaflet, I will leave it as it is and tweak it here and there, I want to sort out the font for the team members and get a little more contrast.  Thfirst version of the leaflet starts from the left to the most recent on the right. 
What I find nice is that I have all the art work ready at hand and that I do not need to produce anything new to take up my time. Another positive effect  is also ties the game and art together nicely and coherently to give it continuity. I hope you agree, otherwise I must be waffling.

I thought I also share the twitter version. I uploaded the same artwork to twitter and you can spot the difference, the colour has gone a little nuts, it has become saturated with colour, I have no idea how that works. Twitters compression does not like the image I produced, I will look this up, as I am bound to find and answer on-line. In the mean time, I shall leave it and a reminder to myself of twitter, why do you do this to me? 🙂

Again an interesting result that has been produced. It has somehow solved the contrast problem and maybe give me an idea with the leaflet.

I should have the finished version up tomorrow evening to share with you and maybe some other stuff and I know you want to see the game. Believe me I have not forgotten , I really would like to share, but I am waiting for the video to be finished by the other artist, hence the added stress, see as I told you.

Side note, you must think that I love donuts and confectionery sweets. I like drawing and designing them yes. Eating them, no, I do not like them. Shh do not tell anyone.

I wish all of you a good night as this time I am determined to get into my bed before one in the morning. I shall be back. 🙂

Good night. 🙂


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