Work, Dare and Samurai Nebula’s.

Dare continues, work is never ending and the clock is ticking, good night.
I am only kidding.
I have been a very busy person with my team. We have been working hard on our game and it is slowly coming together. Some of the game assets been added in. The game is works very well and the multi player is getting there too.  The animations for the characters nearly all been implemented and in the next few days, we should have the game running and looking nice.  
I want to show the game to all of you. However, trying to find the time to do, it is gets eaten up by work and sleep, yes I must sleep, I love sleep. The good news is that in the next few days we will have a trailer and game play video. We need to, as it is one of the competition requirements.  The other artist and I have worked hard to get it done. So it is left to him to finish the animation.
The last few days, I I thought I had been a little slow with my work. It turns out that I am ahead of schedule, which is good and I am I surprised.  So no time to waste and the work continues.
The last couple of days I have been creating a skybox for the game, essentially it is the universe, space, full of nebulas. I shall upload something tomorrow and you shall see how much work I have done. This is the first skybox I have done and it is going well, just so much to think about. What I shall do is get some wip to share with you.  I have to admit, nebulas are awe-inspiring to look at and you have to see them for yourselves.
Here is something I did later on the evening to chill out for a bit. In the original picture from the Hubble space telescope photo I saw a samurai. , so I decided to make the samurai. Took about ten minutes on Photoshop. Anyway, enjoy and good night to you all  🙂

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