Ready Steady Roll Poster Final

Done, done and done, did I mention done. 🙂 The poster is finally finished. Took me a half a day longer than it should have. The final photo’s were chosen by the team members and a couple of amendments to the image. I got rid of the gajp between the ice lollipops and removed a couple of the sweets. 

All in all, I really like what was done and impressed. I would change a few more things. However the looming dead line arrived and the poster had to be handed in. The important thing about this poster is that it is loud, that is what I wanted and that is what I got.

The longest part was conceptualising the idea, I went through so many sketches and was a little frustrated with it. However once the idea was solidified, the rest of the design fell into place and a bonus was that the sweets and desserts were already created and dropped in. The second longest part was the font, finding a  font  that worked was a slugfest and it was tough.  But let us not focus on that. The job is done, it looks good and I like it. Got a few more ideas for the final display, however I shall reveal later. Need to work it out.

The next phase for me is to create the environment for the game and that is full steam ahead. Half way through and I really have to make things look good. Going to be plenty of hard work ahead. 

Bye bye for now and I will get another update soon. 🙂


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