Ready Steady Roll art continues part 2

Hello all, another update. Yes, it is inevitable. Today, has been a tiny bit of a stressful day, more on that in a mo.  I have below the almost, almost finished poster, I got a couple of things left. The photos have to be finalised by the team members.

I am sorry about the low quality of the image, I left the high quality on the work pc. I shall upload the final one tomorrow, after tomorrow is over. 
The stressful part was, the text, trying to find a font to replace the one used and it has been really horrible day with that. I just could not find one to design and replace it. So on hindsight I will not try and design one as plenty is going on with the poster.  I personally think that was a large part of my day wasted on not being create a flashy title, None of the new ones worked and I shall stick with the one I have used. However before I submit it, I shall fix the text a little. 🙂 Looks a little off. 
The second was the pc crashed on me, twice. We’ll actually the software. But that is understandable as we were asked to design posters at 300dpi, A3 size. I think that was the culprit. One of the times I did not save for about half hour. Urgh, really urgh, with added anger and frustration. I did not lose that much work and this time it was ok. 

Lastly, as I have worked on this project, I really have had my eyes opened to wealth of information and knowledge, both good and bad that have helped me to develop.Things, I will never do again and  has changed my work philosophy.  I shall have a think about that and get back to you, when I can write them down coherently. 🙂 
A thought that I have had over the last few weeks and especially the last few days. I really love creating art work and designing and I am beginning to understand, yes, that is an odd expression and it is something else to think about and write up to express myself. 

Right, internet friends, I am off to sleep. I shall have stuff up soon. Good night. 

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