Ready Steady Roll Game Promotional poster

Hello all, I hope we  had a good weekend. I just relaxed a little and played plenty of Borderlands, I never finished it the first time round and I do not know why, such a great game. Ahh well let us move along and back to work.
Today, I started to create the promotional poster for the game and the team. It took me awhile to find something and finally managed to. I have gotten really far with the poster and happy with what I produced. It is almost finished, just got another couple of work and it is finished.

 Firstly I did a few good variations of the initial idea until I was happy and stuck with this. Took me awhile to find a good concept that worked.

I dropped the sketch into illustrator and used it as a layer guide. However I still had the sketch next to me to work from. I have no idea why I did that. Let me think get to you soon about it.

 The next step was to quickly get the assets in and start to create the poster. As the assets where done already. I just dropped them in and started playing around with the layout of the sweets.

I am almost finished the poster and I am glad with the result. I am proud of my wood grain, I created the wood grain effect took ten minutes after finding some reference material. Wow, that was a boring explanation, I will not do that again. I am sorry. 
I love this poster. It is one of my favourite things I have created. However this morning trying to find it was a slugfest. But I pulled through.
The next step is to create the text for the game and replace the photo in the middle of the alien and finish off the close up too. 
I shall get more work up soon and the posted should be finished by tomorrow. I will stick up the long poster that is to be used for the promotion of the game. I also have been thinking about other stuff, yes, I know it is cryptic. However I shall share this with you towards the end of the competition. I got a few good ideas to and I do not want to share them. 
On a side note, I saw the trailer to Team Fortess 2, meet the Pyro. If you do not know, go and have a look. But I will mention this, it has candy land in it, sweets everywhere. Now this is blessing and a curse. A blessing as it is more material to look at. A curse because, now they resemble each. C’est la vie, ahh well, cannot blame anyone or be blamed. Just a nice coincidence. 
Anyways, until the next update enjoy the posters and  please do not have a sugar overdose. 🙂

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