Dare to be digital 2012 Week two

Hola, the second week of Dare over, week two already over?!?  That is a scary thought. I cannot believe it has gone that fast.  However let us carry on, we are in full swing of things with production, I and William the other artist are making headway with the artwork and there is glint in our eyes that we have something special and the feeling of “This is really going to looks good.”

Over the next few weeks is essentially creating assets and polishing them and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I have updated the Dare to be digital page with some artwork both with old and new. Over the next few weeks, I shall add more to the page.

On the weekend I chilled out with Photoshop and did a quick painting. I did a little research on  backgrounds for the game and I was looking at different types Nebula in the sky and photo’s taken .  Total about twenty minutes of work and about an hour looking at the pretty Nebula pictures.

Bakers Nebula

The guy below is an early version of one of the characters modeled, skinned, rigged animated and almost textured by my friend.


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