Summer, Dare, Interview update. :)

Hello all, I hope you have started to have a good summer and I hope all is well.  Right a bit of house cleaning. In the past week, I had my interview with the company and I still will not name them yet. I had a good time and it was fun. I do not expect to get the internship, as all the quality of all the applicants were high. However, I do hope I get it. It would be silly not to say that and think positive.

The day I turned up there, I was a little late, however, by luck a good amount of people were late. Those silly trains, I swear like my phone you have something against me.
The start of the day, like everyone else 
I was nervous, because this was a corporate company and it was little  daunting. Nevertheless, the best thing about the whole day was that the potential employers made the whole event a relaxed affair. They really made us feel welcome and comfortable. It was a good long day, and I will find out in a couple of weeks if I get or do not get the intern ship.

The other student who were there, were nice people, nice to talk too and had a good laugh. They were all high spirited, charming, funny and all over the England and Scotland. Good luck to all of them.

I returned to Dundee yesterday to prepare for Dare, which starts on Monday, more that in a while.
Last night, my friend had a go at me for not looking at my University results. Now, to be fair about this, I really have a fear at looking at my results, it is difficult, in all honesty, it is like a horror film, I just cannot look.
That is something I am getting rectifying, it is not a good trait to have.  Oh and I nearly forgot, yes, I did indeed pass all my models and did well, it reinforces that I am good.
So for my fourth year at university, I am aiming high, I am going to excel and make my family and close friends proud and it is  thanks to them I am here, without them I would not be doing what I am. You are all awesome, even you and yes you too. 

Back to Dare to be Digital, it is literally around the corner, after three years of waiting, watching others enter Dare and wanting to get in, it is here and I am excited. Ask me on again Monday, I probably will explode. 

I have to say our team make up is a good mix of talent and skill with good amount of professionalism.  I am sure we’ll be silly while working, it will be the only way to release the stress and the game we will play is Sumotori Dreams This game will make us laugh and cry I swear it help us to de-stress us.  I highly recommend getting it, however if unsure, watch a video, it really is funny game. 

Lastly, art updates are inbound and over the following days and weeks. I will get stuff up. It is going to be one really busy and productive summer. 


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