holidays, aliens and snapshots

Hello, just a quick stop to say that all is well with myself and I have enjoyed the little break I have had, still got a over a week before I got back to Dundee to work over the summer, it is going to be crazy time.
I actually went to the beach on orders from my lecturer and I must admit I had a great time, it was even better that the fact I was not burned. Thanks to sun block. ūüôā¬†

It was a much-needed break I can tell you and I am glad I went with close friends, it was a great day out.  I was never a fan of the beach before, however I am warming up to it more and more. The best thing is to get away from everything for a day and relaxing from the hectic life, does really helps. I highly recommend it. Go, go go.
A simple English beach and my actual knees ūüėČ
Even a walk in the sun though my old local park has added to a great month, it is a hidden gem to walk through in the summer.


On the same day, I got to go to Hyde Park and  had a stroll. I went there to meet my friend, who did the Race for life. Well done to her and all the women who ran and walked the race and even some men who participated. You make me proud and are inspirational to everyone.


¬†These buildings look familiar to you and yes, they do, they are the buildings I created last year in Maya. ¬†I decided to import them into Epic’s Unreal Develop Kit Engine and created a small street scene. I think I am going to do a side project with this and actually build the Ashley road and¬†surroundings¬†in Hong Kong. ¬†I really enjoyed walking around the level I almost felt that I was in Hong Kong. I am considering this side project, I shall do it, it will be good practice.

It takes awhile getting use to UDK, but I swear once you get the hang of it and the mild stress levels drop. I am no expert on it as  I am still learning and enjoying it.
It really is impressive piece of kit and if you are interested, get it and use it, it is free and to remind you, nothing comes easy, but with hard work and time, you will create some amazing environments.
Do not give up.

Couple of last things to leave you with, I found a game while I was looking for something else at my families house. I packed this away and found it in the box as I left it.  It is a blast from the past with a game called Space Crusade by Gremlin. I had many hours of fun playing that game with my brother and friends, fun times and everything that is in the box is still in perfect condition, even the save disk.  I am tempted to see if my Amiga 500+ boots up and visit an old game and finally on my way to Liverpool street station, I spotted a  toaster painted on a window, strange and cool thing to spot.

I was supposed to do a quick stop, however it turned out to be a longer stop with plenty of writing and picture, no complaints, I actually enjoyed it. ūüôā

I almost forgot, Dare to be Digital 2012 fast approaches and one of the obligations we have to do is a twitter page. So if you have missed my posting on the social networks, I would like to say please follow us, as we shall be making a game and you can see the developments and production of our work with pictures, videos over the summer. Again, please join us, you may like it, the team will be updating constantly.

Right, I am off, I wish you all good night and hopefully I shall update soon. I have plenty of work to do. 

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