Humbled about Dare to be Digital

Hi all, I hope you are well. I have very good news to share. Today I found out that I got into to Dare to be digital, If you want to find out about it go to link.

 I am both ecstatic and humbled about the whole thing, my team and I have been prepared for this for the last few months and I have been waiting to get in to Dare since 2009, just before I enrolled at university.
It was a dream that I had for the last three years and until today, it was real. Yesterday was a presentation day to the judges and I have never been so nervous in my life, everything I dreamed about to get in and making a game with friends was now or never.

The presentation went well. I choked up a couple of times, but that was down to nervous and the team did well together at the presentation.  Then for the next twenty-four hours, I was so very tense and worried, maybe more like a bag of worries. Then today we get an email to confirm that we are in, I had no chance to see the email, and one of my team members told me that we got in. I was ecstatic, over the moon as they say.  It was a dream came true, I could not believe it.

I am humbled when my team was accepted and given the privilege to be one of the fifteen teams to make games.  I had friends who entered as teams.  However sadly they were not accepted and I am saddened.  They are just as, actually if not more talented than myself, every one of them deserve to be there and it is difficult to say sorry, as I did not want to come across arrogant of condescending. As I said, my friends in other team deserve to be there too.
Now, as a team we are waiting to start and we are getting prepared. The start of the competition starts in June 11 for nine weeks and then we unleash our games to the public.  It is going to be an exciting  and a slugfest of hard work and plenty of fun, I hope I make you my friends proud. Enjoy the picture, as that is the game concept. It seems that I cannot get away from food. 

I am back off to the reality of work and until all my assignments are complete, my feel are firmly on the ground. Good night all. 🙂

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