Illustrations, work aliens monsters oh my.

Hello all, I am frantically working very hard to try and finish all of my assignments. I have so much to do and getting through them one at a a time. I think I will do it. Come back towards the end of May to see if I am alive.  I should barely. I will probably be hibernating as of a lack of sleep.

As a 3rd year at university, I enjoyed myself and  I think I burned myself out a little in late 2011, as I did too much with University work and personal projects. However, I have bounced back.  A word of warning to all of you, try not to burn yourself out, it can be horrible. So work hard but not too hard. 🙂

Just to keep you occupied. with some bits of work. Have fun.

Some quick illustrator work. for a game idea. Kind of in game artwork. It is getting there. I am so far happy with it.
I shall post more soon and also  character variations below, a long with a GIANT Doughnut. 🙂
A little bright, I know but hey I like colour and they look funny.

A quick robot illustration development process. I decided to add the robot illustration I did from the thumbnails to the presentation look of the robot. I shall leave these here for you to look at, as I have to get back to work. 
  I am off  to do work and I will do a proper post soon. 


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