Avengers Film, Website fully updated and a work in progress

Hello, all. I hope you are good and well.  I am good and working hard. Under stress and pressure, however I am dealing with it. 🙂
Side note, to get a break from all this work, today I watched the Avengers Assemble and you know what, I really loved it. I Geeked out and had tremendous fun watching it, All the Marvel films leading up to the Avengers film have been brilliant and the Avengers could have really gone bad, However it did not disappoint, it was the icing on the cake. I think it is now time for me to But all of them on Blue Ray. God, I love that film and I plan on watching it again. Batman and Spider-man, you have a tough one to beat. 
I shall get back to the main points. I have changed the website colours and layout. I hope you like it. I think more tweaking is to be done. But for the time being, I will leave it and think about it a bit. 
Other recent additions to the Blog, I have made was to add the Contact Me page, with that I added a form, as I believe putting up my email address would be bad and spam will bombard me. 
I done an about me page for all you to read and look at myself posing in the picture :).  One thought, writing about oneself, is a really difficult job and I think I have managed it. The last page I have done is  portfolio page and put work for you too look at. I hope you like and over the next few weeks, I shall add more when work is done.
Lastly for you, I have put up a picture of a work in progress done in illustrator which is very far from  finished and in a couple of days you will upload progress update of it. I won’t tell you what it is. Maybe in a few weeks you will see. 

If you want to contact me and ask me anything, please do and use the form. 🙂
I bid all of you, good night and I shall post soon.


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