Alien Ship Work in Progress

 Hello again, as you can see, I have promised I would up date and I have. Currently the group project is slowly coming to a close. I have been giving the task of creating the crashed alien ship. It is coming  along, I have managed to start on it today. I have so much work. EEEEP!!
Here are some of the development work that has been done so far. Most of the assets have been already been created. Like the ship itself. However one problem was that the original ship size was tiny and really had no detail. So I have had to add detail.

 It is slowly getting there, a good few hours of hard work to improve it and then a few hours tweaking it.

The deadline for all the art is Wednesday, and I am hoping to wrap this up by Tuesday and give me a day to do anything that is needed. What I shall do is do a big update of the work I have done in the last few days.
Now it is time for me to get back to work and to get stuff finished, like all my course work, which is a good amount. However I am very confident I will finish them on time. I have too, otherwise I am a dead man.


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