Hurrah an update and a Robot orthographic surprise.

Hello all again. Hmmm, I see that my blog is missing updates and uploads, truth is as always, I have been very busy. Last weekend congregated into all of my deadlines into one. I had an essay due on Friday, Dare to be digital application to finish and we had a presentation.  All of it was done, I can safely say, that I am still alive, well barely. 🙂

I continue on with my work as it has become the month of the so called crunch time, because all the coursework are due within the next four weeks. I can safely say, that I am confident that all will be done on time. I am still playing around with my blog, so you probably will notice some changes,  I have experimented and decided to go back to the original layout, as I still like it. However,  I probably still play around with it until I am happy. 

Summer approaches fast and thinking about it, this is the last summer before I graduate from my final fourth year, a scary thought that.  Nope, not for me, maybe a few years ago, I would have been apprehensive and nervous, now I am relaxed and calm about it and I really rather look forward to it. That is in the future; let us come back to the present, yep that is better. 🙂
So, what is one supposed to do this summer, I have a few plans in the works and a few contingency plans for back up. I do not have any interest in keeping myself idle. I aim to be very productive this summer. First thing first, as a team we handed our application for Dare to be Digital.  So as a team we will wait to find out whether we got through to the presentations. Hopefully we do.
If that fails the first backup plan is news that I cannot reveal just yet and I apologies, I dislike playing cat and mouse games. However I will tell you in May.

Second is backup plan is do work for a prototype, again I will tell when I can.

Third back up plan is to finish off the Late Night Diner and release it. That really is not a backup plan. It is really a job that must be finished.

Fourth backup is to make a few more games while focusing on 3D modeling.

As you see I have a good set of plans and if it goes wrong, I will be pretty shocked. Fingers crossed it will not go wrong.
Here is a picture as promised. 
Yes, a robot. 🙂 He is for one of the university projects, Art work was done in Illustrator and  done to a style that the lead artist wanted it done. I like it and I hope enjoy.
The robot is influenced by the characters: Iron Giant and WallE. 
The creation of the orthographic view of the robot took awhile to produce, because I found out that  if you cheat in an 2d illustration you are going to suffer when try an create the rest of the assets,  so no more cheating with illustrations and now I have to think fully in 3d when I draw them.

The main problem I had was his legs, what I drew, did not transfer digitally and with the countless iterations they got worse. I spent an entire day just  drawing legs. Something so simple, can be so horrific. However,  I finally succeeded and I got punished. Again I will not cheat.

I am not a hundred percent happy with it. I would like to make changes to the robot. But I will not and what I have done is good.

Right I have rambled on and I must go. Good night to all and I will upload some more work soon.  


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