Update coming soon.

Hello, I am still here. I am working very hard at. Hmmm, seems to be the always the way. I am sort of working, most of the time I am fuming. have been angry, annoyed or grumpy. I am still deciding which one out of the three.
I am annoyed with the fact, I cannot animate, not that I do not know how to, it is that After effects will not run on my laptop :(. Tried it and wasted time. I am disgruntled at my self for wasting two weeks of my teams work. However with one of the fellow artists in the team we have changed roles. I am doing currently doing  the backgrounds now. I am gutted that after I had created the character, I cannot animate it. But on the bright side, the fellow artist animating the robot, is doing a really good job of it.
Funnily enough I am enjoying creating the backgrounds. In the next couple of days, I think I will finish the first background completely and then tweak it until the team is happy.

The weekend I got a sprite sheet creator called Texture Packer. Pretty good software, currently I am just getting my head around it. Not complex at all, I am just not use to it yet. I may share a sprite sheet with you, if you are good that is.

Last week I had a presentation, we all had to do it, as it was part of the module. The presentation is what you  want to be when you leave university and how are you going to go about getting the job. I liked it, as it helps to cements the idea of what career you want to have when you “grow up.”  It gives you a reality  check  when you write down and present to the class of what you want to be. In away, I would say it is positive therapy as it helps to reinforce what you want to do.

I spent a couple of weeks on the presentation on and off, tweaking and changing it. I  practised hard for the presentation. I knew what I was going to say. Then presentation day, what happened, I messed up. DOH!!, I forgot most of my lines, then I got nervous and then I stuttered. Still, I  did a good presentation. But why did the dreaded nerves get to me? I shake my fist at at you nerves.

However, I look at the presentation positively, I know I did well and the questions that were asked by the audience were nice as I must of covered it in the presentation.  Below is the link to my presentation.  All the artwork is mine and you have seen most of it. However the last slide you should like as it is the robot for the project 🙂


In the next few days, I shall upload some work to share with you lovely people of the internet.
Good night.

 I have started to write up a concept doc to share with you. Finally after so many years, we will end up making a game after all. You know who you are.


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