Robot sketches and tease

Helllo all, this is the last update for tonight before I go to bed. I am going to share some images and tease you a little.
I am working on a project with a team. I am one out of four of the artist and animators in the team. My main job is the Robot. It is nearly a hundred percent finished. however I have to tweak it a little. We always tweak work, you know that. So by the time the project finishes, the robot will look a little different.

I am not going to show all of the work off to you, not just yet. However in due time it will come, I will post up more over the weeks and months.

The first set of images are a selection of sketches of different ideas for the robot. I will in due time share them with you a much later time. I got more sketches of robots to share.

Here is is the tease, I am not going to share any more with you. But once the project is done and finished. I will share the images. I am sorry I am being cryptic. 

Good night all. I will update soon 🙂


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