Sketching On My Phone and Happy new year.

I have been working away hard over the Christmas break. Oh yes, Happy new year to all of you. As you know may or may not I have a touch phone and  I have been doodling on it and I’ve enjoyed it. So I have shared the doodles I have done. But they are far from finished. My intentions are not to have perfect doodles, but to have plenty of practice.  The doodles below, do make me giggle. But we have to start somewhere. 🙂

My aim is to do as many doodles on the phone as possible. I am going to practice faces. Human faces and of course aliens and monsters, yes I will draw a Zombie 🙂

What I want to get out of this is to draw digitally and shade  faces correctly and the only way I am to do it is to practice, so practice, I shall. Over the next year, I shall be sketching on my phone and see how much I have developed over the year. I will upload the next iterations, over the next few days, if I do not then in a couple of weeks. 

The new banner is still in the works, have not given up on, don’t worry if you where. However, I have been a busy chap and I have not have enough time. Once I get back home and clear all my work. I shall I have some time to work on it. 
Right I am off and have a good night. 🙂

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