Alien attack sequence

Hello again, an overdue update. But an update nevertheless.
However I have been a very busy chap working away on a few things. SO much work to do.
I think “So much work to do.” Has become my favourite phrase. Well my mostly used phrase.

Here is the alien attacking animation. The original idea I wanted to do was not going to work due to time constraints and there was not enough frames to do it in.

Although the idea I have for it is on the cutting room floor. But I will bring it back at the earliest opportunity. All the animation for the Zombie and Alien are done and dusted. I can rejoice and cheer as a part of the objective complete. The other artist has almost finished the other two characters. He better hurry up. 🙂

The next is to finish off the background and menu screens. They are almost done, however a little more refinement and cleaning up is needed.

So the next couple of days is still crunch and to get the game finished. I feel confident that, I will finish off 75% of the menu stuff tomorrow and then 25% will be finished on Monday.

On hindsight, The guys I have worked with, have all worked very well and hard. I am happy to say that I will work with these guys again. We all had our roles and jobs to do and even when we were stressed, we never fought and never argued. We just discussed the problems and worked out the solutions.
I am impressed with them. Nice one Cold Break Studios
So I am off back to work and to get the job done.
Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast. 


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