Zombie attack animation v2 and reflection on project

Hello, I have another quick update from myself. I have uploaded the second zombie version of the zombie attacking the screen. It is a little better animated than the previous one. Then I have to finish off the rest of the art assets and then it shall be finished. Yey,  It should be finished by the end of the week. 🙂

Since I started this project, I have thought about a few things regarding it and my thoughts about are:  To do a project  takes hard work, commitment, discipline and passion. The passion is there for the drive. When it got tough and when discipline was missing, passion gets you through until discipline kicks in again.
I have learned so much from this project and gained a considerable amount of knowledge while I worked as the artist and as a team member. My confidence with my work and I has been reinforced has gotten even stronger. (Oh yes, that is getting stronger all time)
The project taught as all a valuable lessons and made us aware of mistakes that we experienced. With the knowledge and experience we gained, we can avoid them on our next projects we do together and separately.
An important factor to consider is when a group of people work together on a project. Try and work with people work and that can be trusted to work. If they do not work, it is going to cause stress and frustration. The best thing about working with working people, they make you work and when you work, it affects them and makes them work. It is a nice productive circle.
If you decide to work with friends, make sure you can work together and criticise each other constructively. You have to be able to discuss problems and resolve with an agreement at the end. The team has to be aware that it is group project, everyone is responsible and aware of the tasks and to get the project finished. Working with friends can be a double-edged sword. When it is bad, it is bad. However, on the other side, it can be very rewarding and good.
The team I was in had five members and working to a common and clear goal. At the start, we agreed to share the percentage of game equally between us. Even though one person pitched the idea, the team liked the idea and everyone added extra elements to the game. It then became the team’s game.  We were and still are a team of five friends who did this project and we will do further projects together.
We have never once had an argument regarding the project. We have always discussed any problems we had and we treated the job professionally. The reason why we were successful as a team, we communicated between us all the time.
The last bit to remember is we had a laugh doing this and even though sometimes stress should have gotten the better of us, laughter got us through the project and will continue to do so.
Anyways I have again chatted for far too long and enjoy the zombie.

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