Zombie Animation test

Hello again, I see you have visited me, thank you. I do this because, I like to share my work with you.
I have been working very hard last few days on so much work. But it is good fun.

I started the zombie attack animation test.  I quickly made it and exported to gif file, just to see how it animates. It is a little rough and you have been be warned.

First my excuses are: I make no claim to be an animator, I am not a man who has much practice in animation. However I am picking it up. 🙂 This took me about half hour to set up and animate. Plenty of scratching my and thinking solving problems. Please don’t be harsh, I can see plenty of faults with it. 🙂

I  should be able to fine tune it and animate a little smoother, by the end of tomorrow.  I have one more attack left to do. I think once I have finished this one, I will  have some experience and apply what I have learned on to the next one. Once I have completed  this, I will upload the next update of it.

Anyway for tonight I am done. I have not forgotten to share the presentation, I am still trying to figure how to get my groups presentation up, so you can have a look at it. Once I figured it out and uploaded, I shall be a happier chap. I bid you good people a good night, I am off to enjoy myself as I have deserved a night out. 🙂

Good night and be safe.

To get the image to animate, just click on it. Enjoy


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