WIP. Finger, Samsung phone and sketchbook mobile.

Last night, I decided again to try Sketchbook mobile express on my phone. I tried it before and did not do too badly and not too brilliantly.

As I watched an episode of  The Walking Dead at a friend’s house, I decided to take another stab at sketching on my phone and when I got into the swing of things, I really enjoyed. I still got to work on it though. The eyes and ears look a little off. However I shall challange myself and work on this image and improve it.
There are a few other errors here and there. But they do not bother me. As I learn, I shall deal with them individually and improve on them.

I have seen other people’s work on the touch screen and they are amazing and it has spurred me on. I am impressed with myself by attempting to sketch using my large finger on the Samsung Galaxy S2.
Ahh here comes the jokes.

Paul, you are right, ” I literally do I have more talent within my finger than yourself.” Someone said that to me a very long time ago. I need to catch up with them, fisrt I may have to find them. However I shall continue to work and improve on my skills.


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