Post it notes, ink covered fingers and a wall with a story.

So what did I do today you may ask. Yer, I worked again. Today my friend and I spent about five hours fleshing out a short story. We had the beginning, middle and end defined. We just had to add the extra bits to the story, to make them work. You know putting the post it notes on the makes life so much easier. We were a little constrained as we did not have that many drawing pins/thumb tacks. 
So used  the philosophy of limited amount of thumb tacks, we used them to help write and constrain and keep the story short. A god send of a genius ( I do not think that is right, but I will keep it). All that has to be done is type up with Word and then when the project is green lit. I may be the person to do the story board. Do not mind one bit, I  rather look forward to that bit, as I love doing that sort of thing. 

The image is low resolution, so you cannot read it, not yet, it is not ready. When the time is right. Oh and the mess below will not show that. It is like the directors cut. Stuff that is hidden and then maybe added later.

Goodnight, I am off to boogie and drink. A little fun will be good. 🙂


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