Alien, alien, oh cute alien and misspellings and grammar mistakes.

Right, things are at a pace and projects have increased by a couple. Trying to prioritise my work.  Doing ok, But no complaints and keeping on top of things.
So, I continue the artwork for the Bada Challenge competition. Alien is getting done now and I can share with you the proccess from sketch to ‘almost’ finished alien. Talking about Bada, I have been Chosen by Samsung to come down to their official Bada SDK launch in London.

 I have come down as an ambassador or more likely a representative of my University, I think. I am highly excited and I look forward to the event and it is a  good chance to represent my university proudly and look forward to meeting people from the development community and industry. 🙂

Right quickly changing subject back to the alien. Hopefully, you can see how the process from a sketch to a Vector  illustration.

 I eventually settled on the colour green,  I tried other colour variations,  they did not seem to work.  I gave up and thought green it is then.

 A few more details are yet to be added on to the aliens face. However so far so good. I should have the final look of it up in the next few days, after I get some of my uni work done.

I’m tired and off to bed.


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