Dead lines, Dead things and never ending things.

Yep, I am back to that routine of work and loads of works. However I am clearing it up….. I swear it does not feel like it is sometimes. But they are getting done.

I kept the sketches loose for myself. So I got a chance Next step with these sketches that I have to do, is turn them into vector art using illustrator, I have to keep them small about 245px X 350px as they are going to be put onto a mobile device.
It is going to look the same way as the previous Zombie post I have had put up.

Next one on the list I have to do is the Alien. I think re-looking at the Sumo. I think I will refine that fella. Just looks plain. It needs something else. Not sinister enough. I will have to go away and think about it.

Just some things I have been working on. Fret not. I do have more illustration work. But I cannot show them yet. However once they are out of the way and that is soon, I can focus on the few jobs I have and especially my Uni work. I cannot forget that.
Will update again soon. Tata


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