Zombie sprite sheet…..Well it is a start.

I am  alive, after a 24hrs Bada challenge codethone Sitting side by side with my team mates, we worked and we worked hard. Over 24hrs, from nothing we have a slice of a game. I am pretty impressed with our achievement if I say so. Currently it is at a prototype stage, which is good and things where starting to work.  So here are a few of the work in progress of the zombie sprites.

It was a mission of work and it was well done too, especially the sound recordings for the characters, they are very funny, I assure.  It had me in hysterics. I left it to both my team friends with the dialog as I trusted them and believed that they could do well and they did not disappoint. They made me laugh and laugh very loudly.

This is going to be interesting job this, as we worked together cohesively and well. The end result is going to be good, really good. Our humour is going to come through the game.  Plenty of love has been given to the characters and game. Hopefully we shall be able to share this with you. 

Anyway, here is some of the sprite sheet.

It is still in development and yes it is a zombie, but I had to get a zombie in there somewhere. 🙂
Will update again soon and I won’t leave it as long as I did. Cheerio all.


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