Zombie heads warm up

Hello all, I am still here. 🙂  I am been a little busy recovering from that thing called Jet lag. Now that I have recovered. I am full steam ahead oh a few delayed projects. Over the next few weeks I have a busy schedule with three projects that I am responsible for. I have to get them done and not to let people down. I will share those down the line. But not now. 
 By the end of June I wish to be half done with the projects. I just got myself a new sketchbook, actually made my own sketchbook from my old work place. So to celebrate and break the new sketchbook in, I have drawn a few zombie sketches and a few others. I can’t show them yet. But I will soon. Anyways,  enjoy the zombie sketches. 

Sometime soon, I shall add the jet lag travel sketches. Then when I have access to a scanner, I shall re-upload these sketches again, I do not like taking pictures with a phone camera.

More stuff to follow soon. 🙂


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