Happy zee days, it is not or so.

I am Working furiously like an Angel over here. I think I have clocked in 18 hours today. Be proud of me, I am doing plenty of work here.  I have done all but two of the characters animation. That should be done and dusted tomorrow. I had to take a little extra work load as something was not done.
Tsk, shame that, here I am to rescue again, cue Flash theme.

Below was the black and white version of the menu.
The idea behind this would be that the lantern would be light source and emitting the light around the menu.
The skeletons would be waving and blinking and the gems would have been glowing.
That was the idea, however it seems that it has been forgotten.  

 Here is the first  version, I do not like it.  That lower face was not working for me.

 Second version of the face does work.
I really do like that lower part of the face. It works for me.

In the second version I have changed the chin on the painting. I actually prefer this version. However the rest is not great and I do not like it. However such things can not hold me back, as it has to be finished immediately.
I think a couple of hours on the book corners and a little more detail added on to the leather cover, would help it a long way.

However it will be covered with the name of the game and the menu icons.
I think after I have finished painted it. I will added a animated flame and shadow to hide some of the picture. I think that will work. Must speak to my programmer about that.

Side note, I got my first birthday present from my oldest and best  friend. Oh it made me laugh, a very funny book. Cheeky sod. Thank you mate. 🙂 Love the tag line “Advice, Meditations and wisdom for wen who have too much.”

I am off to the land of sleep. Got another workload that has to be done, tomorrow.


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