It’s gone a little Pete Tong

 Well, that is a shame. One of my Maya files got corrupted and it is it was Castro’s bar file that got messed up. However it is not the end of the world. Incremental saves have saved me, I think I have been set back by a half a days work. It is ok, it is the little alleyway that I lost. I can rebuild it.   Ho-hum. I can’t complain, or cry, just shrug my shoulders and smile. I will make it better second time round.

So it is back to work to sort it out. Remember always save incrementally often as possible.

As I was finishing the update for my post,  I tried and tested an idea with the  corrupted file. Guess what!?
I fixed it, absolutely awesome. Got my afternoon back and now I can get on with my work. Although a quick power nap would not hurt 🙂


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