Work, work and more work, Oh and Hong Kong invaded by Giant robot.

I am still ill, hmmm, a little frustrating as one of my ears is blocked and it has made me temporarily death in one ear. However I am not here to moan or vent, 🙂 I will get better soon. 🙂

My last few weeks of uni are coming and now I have to duck and work and work really hard. I think I have yo find the six, seventh…. eight gear! Eeep
I am working frantically and getting things need. I would like to wrap up a couple of projects by this weekend and be be over half through another. I think I am on track. Over the next couple of weeks, it is just work. I can reward myself when I am back in London.
 I am working on my third model. Which is a prop model. I had to do a robot, I did not plan it, I just did it. Tell a lie, I did scribble a doodle.  The Tri count is a maximum of 1000. He is just over eight hundred and  is not supposed to be that big. 🙂 He is not fully textured, as I have yet to texture his feet and hands. He should be finished tomorrow.

I have my alien  head to finish off. It is finished, but the render for it keeps messing up. It looks like the head exploding and that is something I am not aiming for.  Once that is sorted out, I shall upload.
The next two days for me, will be animation for group project, clean up my 3d models, reflective essays on each of the projects and let us not forget, that I have to get better. I have a very busy summer scheduled and I need to hit that running. They shall be revealed in time, I guarantee that you will like.  🙂 Fingers crossed.

Tiny Rusty Blue, 🙂
Tiny Rusty Blue, BIG!?

The story so far with the texture map. I am still working on it. 🙂 I am pretty proud of how I have progressed with it in a few short hours. Another few hours of added and cleaning and I think I will have a good looking robot. So the solid coloured bits are mesh hidden. They should be looking nicer. by tomorrow. When I am done, I shall share the final texture map. 
 I am getting better using up the space on the texture map. I still have so much to learn and I am enjoying every step of it, even  if sometimes it does not make sense. 🙂
Enjoy your day, you lovely people. 🙂 Enjoy the last picture. 

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