Castro’s Bar Hong Kong.

A place I went to drink when I was in Hong Kong and I could never forget it. It was called Castro’s bar and it was in Kowloon bay on Ashley street. I really have never forgotten it. Nor shall I ever. I want to go back there and especially to Hong Kong itself, it an amazing place. One of my all time favorite places. 
I think it is my mental haven and I had wanted to model it. 
Thank god for Google earth, I love you. I could not find any pictures of Castro’s bar. I had to create all the textures even Castro’s logo from scratch using  few reference pictures on Google earth. A tall order and a big challenge. but I did it. 🙂
Even though I am not studying computer arts. I have had a real good taste of it and I can get my head around 3d modelling and I hope the next couple of years I will produce some model and it will become second nature to me. wish me luck
This is one part of the course work I have to hand in. It is a environmental texture. No where near the quality of Crysis 2, GTA4, But a step at a time. 
When I  modeled, textured and created the custom textures. I have gained a vast knowledge about Maya. But there is still so much to learn and that is going to take a few years. 🙂
It is not full finished, as I have to add UV map and a couple of other map things 🙂 to make it look pretty. 
What do you think, not bad for someone who has never modeled before.
I would say it is not one hundred percent representation, some artistic license had to be used. 
Castro’s bar model on left and reference pic on right. 

Ahh, and here is the render of it. Not one hundred percent finished, it is about ninety seven complete. I have a large amount of tri’s  that are spare and I can add a little more to create that bit more.
I am exceedingly happy with what I have done so far.

Castro’s Bar and Lounge, 1/F, 16 Ashley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2957 8041 Hong Kong

Render of Castro’s Bar
Here are the texture maps.  Most of those textures where almost created from scratch.
I think  I may make one more,  to add variety to the shops. Having a second look,I have so much wasted space on the textures. Next time I will not waste them. 

Anyway, enjoy and good night 🙂


5 thoughts on “Castro’s Bar Hong Kong.

  1. Mate, this is indeed a small world. I went to HK for work for 2 weeks some 3 years and strumbled across castros loved it, went there pretty much every evening.

    Now I am moving from London to HK next month and I remember a bar I went every night (castros) but could not remember the name or the address. And I just could not find it on google at all when I looked for it.

    Then out of the blue a friend of mine (back from Spain) who has never been to HK goes sends me a mail yesterday and says, you are to love it in HK, they have cool bars ,,, and a link to this very same blog 🙂 !!!

    By the way excellent job, if you find yourself doing a GTA HK in the future make sure you make them pass by our favourite little bar 😉 !

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