Getting there

Another update and another small update. 
It is getting there and looking better. I am starting to like it again. 

I will have to play around with some of the tints.

On hindsight, I have not painted for a very long time. However what I have re-learnt with painting slowly came to me. However I have further to go on this journey. It is strange to say this. But every time I painted a new section of the painting, I understood more about painting again.
If I went over the previous sections I did from today like the trees and especially the grave stones. I know I can make the one hundred percent better.
Why do not do them then?
I can’t, as time is running out and deadlines. I will come back to this and repaint it again in a few months and make some improvements.

I like it. 🙂 Don’t thrash me if you don’t. Hey , it is start and I will get better, faster and sooner rather than later.

Oh dear, I forgot to add some stars to the night sky. have to sort that out soon.


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