Background Done….for now.

Yes, I do believe I have finished my background, took me long enough. I am so tempted to add more and change things around. BUT I shall steer well clear of that otherwise I am not going to be able to do my other work.

I am pleased with the result. Even if I am not completely happy with it, us all artists say that.  What  makes me happier is that I wanted to get this background painted up and done today and it was done. Nice.

A short break and back to work and got to finish off more stuff. 🙂 it never ends, hehe. Strangely I like it and I am not over doing it.  I got an answer for that. When my body decides that is does not want to produce artwork for the day. It makes me lose focus and I get easily distracted by other things, like food and films.

Here you go finished thingy, Enjoy 🙂

I may add two things to this image a church or house on the hill and gravestones on the foreground.  Hmmm, Let us see if I can do that quick. But not tonight. 🙂

Good day.


4 thoughts on “Background Done….for now.

  1. Cheers mate. It would be a good idea, as they are on all separate layers. But it is for a point and click adventure game and if I asked the programmer to add that in. He would kill me.

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