Zombi sketchday

Busy weekend here working away. Too much work to do, fortunatly, I took saturday off to recover from my cold. Thankfully it has passed and now I can get back on the work train and it is full Steam ahead.
I am not really proud of the cemetery. It does not look great. I am going to try and do something to fix it.

God knows what it is. It looks a little dull. Hmmm, time to think and I shall leave that for tomorrow. I think I shall add more skulls and bring a bit of vibrancy to the gravestones.

While after painting with Photoshop, I decided topaint a Zombi portrait while I watched Predators. Personal note, Never try and draw sitting on a couch with a laptop and Bamboo tablet…. It is uncomfortable and really awkward. 
I am off to bed to get some rest and get ready to have a long day of painting of designing tomorrow. Bring it on.

I further worked on my cemetary. Ahem, I do


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