Yes, I can paint.

Right, first part of the project, I have started to paint my background. Couple of things, I am currently ill and I have not painted in five years. I am fighting my cold and lack of practice. I think in the next few days, you are going to see a major difference.

The pretty trees have been painted. hehe, I shall do more tomorrow. I think a solid nine hours of painting is in my schedule tomorrow. Which I look forward to. I should be lazy and rest tomorrow. But I really do not want to that. I wish to finish this in the next couple of days. This has to be done and dusted so I can move on with the rest of my work.
I shall keep you updated with new pictures, I am off to bed to get some sleep and sleep I need. This cold is not going to stop and not going to be the death of me.

Powering through this cold. 😉 Good night people.


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