Digital sketches

Hey crew.
Yep another delayed update. I am being kept busy with university and private work. My gosh days go by so fast. I want them to go slower.
I got my Bamboo pen and tablet on the weekend and have doodled a few illustrations while watching a little.
Here a few I do not mind showing. Not amazing. But the point is that it has been surprisingly easy to adapt to the Bamboo tablet.
 I used a large Intuos Wacom tablet last week and that was harder to use and a little difficult to adapt too.
I felt a little disconnected with the lag while I drew.
The Bamboo table on the plus side is small and portable, so my train ride back to London will be totally awesome and any other journey.
The sketches were done on my little Notebook. No laughing. He may look small. But he is a awesome Notebook.
Here are the sketches. The illustrations took no more than ten to fifteen minutes each. No planning, just doodling.
They are all experiments with the Bamboo. I just want to show them, as I like them.




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