Sunday is not a day of rest

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy trying to work and doing an OK job of it.
It has been frustrating not updating the blog. however here is a little quick update.

Sorry for the odd layout. What it shows me in the edit page is vastly different to the finished page on the blog.


I have found something  of mine. A blast from the past of last years work in illustrator. 🙂 It is something I like and got me back into illustrator. It was a poster design for a module.  Took me ages, especially the controller. Why did I choose an Xbox 360 controller?
It was actually the first image to show the top of the controller. It took me ages to create the controller. I also was learning at the same time. It was just like riding a bike expect a little more complicated. I fell in love with this image. I got some others that I did for my website.  The Potato image is a personal project of mine. His creation was an amusingly inspirational day at my friends work place.  He is also done with real potato. I will eventually reveal the story behind it and the idea. I will tell, promise. 🙂

The other grey robot heads, are for my front webpage. A character that is alive. I will get him animated as soon as possible.. A little interactive intro. 🙂  The idea with him is that his eyes would be twitching, his head would bob up and down while flames came out of his mouth.  Then when you clicked on his head to enter he would come at the screen and bite into it and tear the screen. That I will get it done.



I have not forgotten my sketches done in my sketchbook, I am still doing them, I want to scan and share with all of you. I just go to find some time and I will get the up as soon as possible. The other my first digital illustration with a Wacom tablet and pen.

This sketch was done from one of my tiniest thumbnails ever, about 3 cm by 2 cm. yes it is that small. I did the original thumbnail  on a train journey a couple of years ago.

This sketch is done A4 size.

The Fearless Hero fighting giant monsters.
I think I called the Thumbnail Fearless.  🙂


It took me an age to get use one and I finally did, I really loved using it.
This is my first digital sketch using a Wacom Intuos pen and tablet. Total time it took was twenty minutes to sketch.
But it took me an hour to get use to drawing on a tablet.
I am surprised by my result.

I have  ordered a Bamboo and it is on its way. Soon I shall be sketching digitally. :o) Just can’t wait. It is going to be awesome. 🙂

Ladies and gents have a nice weekend and enjoy what is left of it.


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