Over due and running late

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I apologies for not updating anything in the last week as I promised I would of.
I actually have been a little busy with work. Shame on me for letting you guys down. I hope these sketches, put me back into your good books. I have scanned some of my sketches from my A4 sketch books. I have way too many pages to scan in and upload. However, what I have done, is choose a few for your eyes to feast upon.
Everything is going well, just going to sort out my time for working as I have been a little slack. It is a little bad of me. But I shall sort that out over next few days and escalate my workload.

Please enjoy them.  Time wise, I restricted myself to no more than half hour. Most of them took about twenty minutes.

My useless Heroes.

 Random sketches of figures Part one, this is for warming up. I like doing as I can quickly getting into a rhythm of drawing.

 I was thinking of dragons and giants. Something to develop in the future. Maybe make it in clay.

 Ahh the Nosferatu. Halloween is coming.

 Ctuhulhu, Halloween is coming. 🙂

 My Expendables. Character ideas that came out of nowhere. Believe it or not, I was inspired by Monkey  Peanuts. Yes not actual Monkeys nuts.

 Bad guy doodles, source of inspiration is the early science fiction illustrations from 30’s 40’s 50’s.
They are awesome and a great reference source. Watch this space, as I am doing a game project for university. 🙂


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