The three faces of the hero.

Hello, I am a little over due with a post this week, as I have been a very busy man. Going back to University and getting into gear has taking a little bit of time.  I have been working hard, I promise you. It has been a very hard week of work. I have been solidly learning how to use Maya and it has finally clicked for me just today.
If you were a fly on the wall, I think you would have been very entertained with the colourful language I  used. :).   I have also been sketching quiet a bit actually, filling up my sketchbooks day by day.

I think my uni mates may end up hating me for the work I will produce. I feel a little guilty about it. But illustration  is one of my strengths and that I can write and draw stories is another big bonus. I just don’t draw pretty pictures. 🙂

 I haven’t started my friends album illustration yet, as I have been busy with university work. However I have had a gander and ideas are popping up. Maybe this weekend will be a drawing weekend. I shall rectify that for my mate. Those images I won’t be posting up until they are done and his album is released.

I shall post up some of the sketches from my sketchbooks I have drawn and you should like them. They will be uploaded by Friday or Saturday, maybe Friday.

My Hero is done, I may add something to him later. but currently no plays to do so.
I used illustrator CS5 for the project and enjoyed it. Working with vectors is something I enjoy doing. Added with the advantage with a computer I can add and hide layers of the image and make new ones.

I will have to add text to this image and make it as a fake cover for something. I also have to add a background. But they do not work.

Some damage on the Hero’s mask that has been stitched up. He is still smiling and still not out. Just a slight difference.

The last image is with plenty of damage dealt to him. His right lens has multiple cracks. His left lens is broken and exposing his eye, a little nod to Robocop film, when Murphy’s eye is exposed after and attack from Ed-209.
His nose and his mouth is bleeding. He also has a bruise on his mouth.
He may be beaten up. He has true grit and will not fall, yield or give up. I really do like it.

I am out of here for tonight, as I am a very tired man. I have returned to the gym and started to work out again. I have already done three days. I am also being a mentor and a helper to a friend of mine who has joined the gym for the first time. He is doing well, he is pushing himself slowly. However he is a little sore from the gym. ahh he will be fine. 
Love to stay and chat. But I want to sleep, keep an eye out for an for an upload of sketches.


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