So there’s this Hero right…..


I watched Three hundred film. Enjoyed it thoroughly and while watching it, I doodle the image on the left of my Banner hero. Could not really draw today. I tried as I might. But never really got far with anything else. Was not my day. I decided to draw it using Illustrator.

Currently as you can see it is nowhere near finished. I just wanted to post a work in progress of it. So for the next couple of days I shall finish this off, while doing my university work.
Talking about university, I had an amusing lecture. the lecture was on about 3d computer arts. He went through what are we going to do this and next semester.
He talked about illustrating and how that being an artist we should be drawing everyday. He mentioned that we should all have been drawing over the summer constantly, while watching tv, films and when you have time. As an illustrator this is what you love and want to do.

Now this is where I felt a few daggers jab me. Why, well because I have been drawing insanely over the summer. Finding myself again and really rebuilding myself and because I really love illustrating again.
All the stuff he said, I have done and have been doing. Tell you the truth, I felt a little uncomfortable.

He mentioned sketch books to us. He does not want a sketch book that is half full and hardly used. As he says it is a waste of money and having empty pages is an empty mind. Apparently only one student has given him a full sketchbook.  He prefers a scrap book of what you have done.
Well I am going to be the second student to hand him a sketch book. A little arrogant of me. However I can fill it, no problem, as I have filled…… Four sketchbooks over the summer.

When we all left the lecture, my mates said that they hate me, because I can draw. They all knew I drew over the summer and that I am an illustrator. This is one of my many moments to shine as illustrating is one of my main strengths.

I am definitely going to get a tablet in the next couple of weeks, as I really want to use one.
I shall continue to post updates on the process of the illustration.
The idea behind it, was he is battered, broken and far from not out. Now it is his turn. what are you going to do?

Let me see how I will fare on this illustration. I like it quiet alot and I may end up using this as my avatar/ profile image. However back to work and progress update may happen tomorrow.
I hope you like it as much as me.

Let’s go. 🙂


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