University Week

Hello university has started and I am doing my second year. It is odd to be back as I still feel like I am a first year.However I am most definitely not. 🙂

Updating the blog this week will be a little slow this week as university. I have finished my banner for the time being and I am happy with it. Maybe when I have some time next week I shall add a few more bits to it.

Above is the sketch with the enemy ship and you can see the both version of the hero’s hand. Total time on the sketch was about 15 minutes.  The hero’s fist was actually drawn separately and over layered using illustrator cs4.

I traced the sketch onto separate  layers to help keep the process simple and if I wanted to do any corrections on somewhere specific. I can just turn off the other layers or add a new layer.
The Hand and the fist I did are on separate layers and is easy to switch between them. As you will see on the following images.

As you see the enemy ship is finished also the pilots. The detail is a little lost when the ship is reduced down. Shame that as they look pretty cool.
 I have switched on the layer with the open hand on and fist off. As you can, the above image and below image work perfectly well.
The final version. I changed the clouds and the smoke from the ship. I used  tools like Gaussian blur,drop shadow and the opacity tool. The final bit of the text added for the blog and I am done. 
Total time for this should be about two solid days. Spread over a week, yes I know. But I do have to do other work. 🙂
I have not stopped drawing Zombies. 🙂 Fret not, the below image was for my brother. he wanted me to draw a  Zombie Sultan smoking a shisha. Long title I know. He loved it.  The head in the Jar and the zombie belly harem female was my idea.
The image was done in pen and ink and using some black water colour thinned down to be used as shading.
Done in one sitting, took me about five solid hours to complete.
Enjoy. Wish me luck, as I am upgrade my adobe stuff to CS5.  🙂

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