Colour work, I must be ill.

I am still ill. However I am still alive and getting better. Yesterday I decided to draw a banner for my blog. A little big of a disaster. I am going to have another attempt to redraw the image. On the left is the illustration I was originally going to use.
However I was not happy with it.

Uploading the banner was another marathon, something so simple is actually simple. I was being a right idiot and it was late and I was ill. Any ways enough with the excuses.

I had an inspirational idea for my banner, I quickly sketched it roughly and drew it out by pen. I got it to the stage that I liked the image.  I then scanned it in and used illustration CS4 and turn it into vector art.
It took me awhile to use the pen tool. As I almost forgot how to use that tool.

Here is the coloured version. Not fully finished yet, I have a few things to do to it yet. 🙂 I shall add some text and maybe a few other things to finish it off. I have also thought of a few variations to the image. However, I want be skipping this one. I want to finish this one off, as I am getting more and more impressed.
Regarding the clouds. I don’t know why I did that.

Enjoy the work in process. I shall be posting up the finished banner in the next couple of days . See, I don’t just draw Zombies you know.  🙂

I couldn’t resist it, I promised myself not to do anything and  I did one with a fist.
I am having second thoughts on Playing card logos. I got another I idea to add something else to the knuckles that will work. For the back ground, I might add a space craft or aeroplane on fire with villains falling out. I got a few ideas. I will probably end up doing all of them.


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