I am ill. However I am still trying to draw

It has been a very difficult day today, as I have succumbed to a cold. It has stopped me drawing and it really sucks. I have only managed to produce three sketches in my diary.

I did promise I would upload them and I will not let you guys down. This runny nose and sneezing is not helping me what so ever either. I would rather get it now instead of later when I am at university. It is about a week away and I have time to get better.

The illustration on the left is a drawing a female zombie with fifties Specks and hairdo, maybe the sixties. I like the guy in the reflection on the glass.

The one on the right is less decomposed the reason is that this is the Zombie bride in my story.  I wanted to have to the zombie look. Just a little more time to develop it.  I had this image stuck inside my head, so I had to draw it.  It does feel a little familiar, like I have seen somewhere else it before.  I shall carry on drawing. I think I shall draw myself as a Zombie. It has been a long time coming. I think it is about time I did one.

I have a friend who has seen my work, he saw it a few years ago and wanted me to work with him. However I felt I was not ready and I let him down. Fast forward and thanks to my brothers enthusiasm about my work…. Thanks Sam. My friend saw my new work and wants to work again.

I can not wait and I am more than ready for this project. I look forward to doing it. Hopefully it will be a successful project for the both of us.

I look forward to that.

In my previous post I mentioned that I have sent my friend an envelope with illustrations on it. Letter went today registered post. The software on the Dongle is worth £400 pounds and I am not taking risks in losing that. However I look forward to their reply with anticipation of them liking my work.  

Right I am off to bed to recover for a few days, no doubt I shall continue to draw. I have had enough of this cold already.


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