A weekend of work…. No just plenty of drinking.

Just a quick one for now. I shall put a post tomorrow, I promise.

I have partied a little too hard. It is of course threshers week. Most of my mates are coming back for a second year at university.  So drinking and late nights were inevitable.  I did not get drunk, I just got a little merry and was happy there. Due to the excessive parties. I have come down with an ‘orrible cold.
Pretty awful really, it is just start with a runny nose and a little temperature. I have to recover for start of university on the twentieth of sept. That day is the were are back.

Here are some more pictures.

The Office of the Dead is drawn on a dvd recordable sleeve.
Just felt like drawing instead of writing what is actually on the dvd.
If you must know, it is load of design artwork. About 3.5 gig.
Don’t worry about my professionalism, it is to my close friend that the letter is going to. It is my old business that I started with my friend. However I left and went on to study game design and production management. His website is http://www.madprint.co.uk.  

The other image is on the back of the envelope. Just to entertain the post office workers who see. I am actually hoping they do not steal it and it is an nice surprise for my friend when he receives the letter.
I am illustrating more vigorously these days. Buidling a nice mentality of working, both in illustration and upcoming university. 🙂

The last image is another t-shirt desing I am working on.
It’s not finished in the slightest and it is not final, as I have to convert the artwork in to vector artwork. It is something I knocked up. However software is not working correctly. I blame my cold.

I would like to share with you and hopefully in the next couple of days, I should get this finished and get it printed as a t-shirt.

This cold is really going to be horrible. I don’t want this cold, shoo go away.  I can not be ill, leave me alone.

Have fun all.


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