The diary sketches continue

The weekend has been a good one and a little long. Friday evening I went round to my friends Master Degree art show. I saw some very good stuff. A little inspiring. His stuff was good as well and sold a couple of paintings. Well done to him and a nice pat on the back.
Saturday was a lovely lazy day. Now, Sunday was a very good day. I rode my bike across to Tayport through to Tenstmuir Forest and stopping at Tentsmuir beach for a quick rest and to admire the view. But it was cold. Then I was off to Newport to get some fish and chips from Silver Tay. Best fish and chips,Ā  I have had in a long time and I was really hungry.Total journey was about four hours and 22 miles.

Not Bad for someone who has not rode a bike in about ten years. What a way to start riding. šŸ™‚ I have gotten away with the aches and pains though and looking forward to going again.

I am still drawing my Zombies and adding a little colour here and there to the sketches. Looking at references is getting to become more and more important.
It is to give it a little believability to the sketch and of course I am really getting more practice.
I have drawn a few more doodles for you to look. A certain film influenced me while I was sketching. I don’t have ask you to guess what I was watching while I drew one of the pictures.

I think I might work on that idea and draw and illustration to make it into a t-shirt design. It actually made me giggle a little while I drew it.Ā  Enjoy. šŸ™‚


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