Zombie Family and Cthulu

Just a Zombie doodle. Day has been kind to me.
I have done a few illustrations today and work very well. They are not done. However I shall put them up when they are done.
This one was done when my friend played Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. An interesting game. It had so many problems with it, a very frustrating game. My game designer self was screaming bloody murder, on how bad the game has been executed. Cumbersome and sloth like controls. Getting constantly stuck on objects and irritating feed back. A wasted opportunity for a H.P Lovecraft game to shine.

I love the H.P Lovecraft mythology and I think, I just might have a go and design a game document myself. 

A little doodle on the right with Cthulu eating a burger. I think that is all he wants and a friend. 🙂 


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