Another day, another sketch with colour! :)

I would like to type up something. But I am genuinely tired and my body wants me to put them up.
I drew in colour for the first time with colour pencils. Time spent drawing it was about half hour and plenty of fun. Had a few influces, but I can not pin point where it came from.

The other sketch and continuing to do double page spreads is Cthulu, the nameless one, I believe it is called.
For the last few days, I have been listening to HP Lovecraft, yes I did say listening. I do read, however not when I am drawing.
I think next I shall draw this on a larger size with the body not not being blacked out. The  reason for the cheat, was that I actually did not plan to draw this and  determined not to waste the page.  However I will draw this illustration again and give Cthulu a proper body. 🙂

As my personal journey continues in my diary filled with sketches, I feel that I am getting really comfortable illustration once again and my confidence grows with each new medium I use.
I am thinking of getting a Wacom tablet to draw with. My friend is going to kindly lend me his own for awhile and let me learn how to use it. That is going to be two full days of me swearing at my computer and on the third day I will be in heaven….. Maybe not. The tablet will be borrowed in a few weeks, I post some up when they are done.  Enjoy the pictures. 🙂


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