Diary doodles continue

I have been playing around with the idea of drawing in perspective, I have never really done it before. I actually found it hard and never felt that the illustrations never looked right. Fast forward to now, I have really started to enjoy drawing it and that the illustrations are about A4 size. Done across my old A5 size diary.

These days I am getting more confident with my art and drawing larger illustrations. Both images never came out the way I expected them. However the came out better than I expected.
The first illustration become the Zombie Musical and some how he has long hair, that suspiciously looks like it is on fire and he is listening to music with his headset.

The other image is Girl with Gun. This image has been on my mind for awhile. I think it must of been watching the Matrix famous scene with Trinity and gun.
 I had fun doing this one, as I used the black marker and Correction pen to make the gun and the gun is a first for me. Both do have their little flaws. But they make the illustrations.

As I continue my journey drawing in my diary. I am seeing my sketch book, look better and better and I see my art coming back to me. Which I hoped that it very much would do. I think when I am done, I will scan and upload all my pages to Flickr for you to see how I have progressed. However I may not upload the odd page as I have written personal thoughts on them.  You will see the illustrations that went very wrong and I mean very wrong. One example is I tried to draw Snake from Escape from New York which went wrong, 🙂

Here are the images:


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