How to kill a zombie.

The last few days I have been going through a creative process of drawing, designing and writing both for illustrations and game designs. I have about twelve game design documents at different states of development under lock and key. Until they are ready to be shown to my team.

My ongoing process illustration has been going well and I have enjoyed it more than I ever have. With my trusty old diary that I use as my sketch book for the Zombie comic. The diary has become similar to the bible. Everything and anything to do with the story is going in there. Quick sketches and notes on story are just being developed. I think the long gestation that has been going on in my head is paying off and bit by bit it is coming together. Hopefully updates will trickle out slowly.

Enjoy the sketch I have done. The next step for it is to ink it and then colour it a little. Let us see how successful I am with it.


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